What Does Gauss Mean When Talking About Magnetic Therapy?

What Is Gauss? In Relation To Magnetic Therapy

What's The Atrraction?

What's The Attraction?

1 Gauss = 1 Mx/cm2.

I hope that clears it all up for you!

But seriously what does that mean, what is Gauss and why is it important.

Many believe Gauss is the strength of a magnet, that’s close but not quite right.
Gauss actually relates to the intensity of the magnetic field of the magnet. In other words, the distance the magnetic field will reach.
To give you an example  if I positioned a magnet on the floor, how far from the magnet would the magnetic field reach out to. It might be one  hundred millimeters (4 inches)   or it might be one meter. (Around 3 feet for you Americans)

Gauss alone will not determine a magnets strength. The strength also includes a number of other factors. The mass of the magnet, and the material it is made from. The most common being neodymium or ceramic or iron.

The Gauss rating of the magnet, is the speed the magnet works, along with the depth the magnet will penetrate. The larger the mass, the stronger the magnetic field.
To give you an idea in everyday objects we can say a fridge magnet is usually around just 10 Gauss and a good strength for a medical magnet in a magnetic product can be around 900 Gauss. So you won’t get many medical benefits from using a fridge magnet for magnetic therapy will you?
It can be a bit technical but don’t worry yourself about it as most magnetic therapy
products will have the gauss worked out for you by the manufacturers. But be aware because there are two ways Gauss ratings can be used. This may be useful information in the future if you do decide to purchase a Magnetic Therapy Product.

Ratings for Gauss.
•    Gauss Internal rating.
•    Gauss External rating.

Most companies use the external rating on their products. But some do use the internal rating. The internal  rating equals 3.9 times that of the external rating.

If the Gauss rating is 900 (external) then you can use this calculation.

900 X  3.9 = 3,510 and that’s your internal Gauss.
Both measurements are correct, but if you didn’t understand that there were two ratings you would think one magnet was much stronger than the other magnet.
Some companies take advantage of peoples lack of knowledge, I have seen a Magnetic Mattress Pad being  advertised by a company showing a rating of 3,900 Gauss and by a different company showing a similar product with a rating of 1,000 gauss. A potential buyer may think that the 3,900 Gauss mattress is better because it has a higher number. I think  this might be done to take advantage of the uninformed buyer.

All companies should use External Gauss to standardize the industry. So if you see a number that reads in the thousands, and doesn’t look quite right, you can use the calculation above to find the true external Gauss, otherwise just move on to another website.
Oh by the way the calculation at the very top of those article does mean something.
Gauss is symbolized by using a “G”.
Gauss was named after a German physicist and mathematician Carl Frieddrich Gauss.

One Gauss is defined as one maxwell per square centimeter.
1 Gauss = 1 Mx/cm2

So there you have it. I hope this information was useful for you, and if you want to learn
more about Magnetic Therapy check out our Magnetic Therapy Choices Blog or
watch some videos at our Magnetic Therapy Video Blog
If you want us to cover anything of interest to you in regard to Magnetic Therapy feel free
to leave a message below.

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